5 Toronto Comedians Shining on Social Media

5  Toronto Comedians to follow on Social Media

This year we all spent a bit more time online trying to find another way to connect with each other. Yet, it seems like every time we scroll through social media its bad news on top of bad news. That's why I am so glad I follow these hilarious comedians. Their accounts give me hope, inspire me to create the things I want to create, and distract me from things I'm worried about - even for just a few minutes.

1. Amanda Pereira 


Amanda is doing everything right. Her Podcast Liquid Courage is truly a love letter to female creators in the entertainment industry. The knowledge and expert advice this podcast has for local females in the entertainment industry is unparalleled. Her positive outlook and dynamic attitude make for the perfect host of this honest podcast. Whether she knows you or not, she is cheering you on. Amanda is such a great supporter of women in the arts and her Instagram stories are always endearing and hilarious.

2. D.J. Mausner

Instagram: @djmausner

It wasn't until the first time I saw D.J. Mausner perform live that I realized my favourite comedy is solo sketch. I remember thinking, this is another level of funny. Dynamic character work is D.J.'s specialty, and the fact that it's been so well received online is a testament to D.J.'s talent. Every Instagram video makes me cackle louder than the last. Mausner's 100% original concepts are brilliant and hilarious. D.J.'s energy and the fresh new ideas brought to each post make me excited to see what D.J.'s next post will be.  

3. Isabella Campbell

Tik-Tok: @fistabellacampbeltoe

Her offbeat Tik-Toks  and Youtube videos make me laugh out loud. The simplicity of her videos like "Ordering food," and "Car sick," are unlike any other style of comedy that I've seen before. I never see the joke coming and that's what I love the most about her content. Isabella's carefree attitude is something I truly admire; she doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks and that is what makes her comedy so funny. I can tell she does what makes her laugh and that's one of my favourite things to watch.

4. Juliana Rodrigues


Juliana Rodrigues is - in a word - cool. She has been performing stand up comedy since the age of 15 and it shows. She's clearly a polished professional. Her new podcast, All Good, interviews local comedians about their lives of preforming, dating, and dealing with the mental health issues that might come up along the way. Her honesty is refreshing, and her openness makes you feel like you are close friends.  

Her most recent article in the The Comedy Tribune is outstanding and I really admire her ability to be vulnerable and hilarious at the same time. 

5. Nour Hadidi

Twitter: @NourHadidi

Nour is such a professional when it comes to comedy. Her jokes are so smart and have so many layers to them. Nour is an incredibly hard-working woman who loves what she does and that shines through every time I see her on stage. When the city shut down for the first time, Nour wanted to keep performing but she had to get creative. Her positive energy gives us all hope and her way of joking about what we are all going through makes it a little easier to cope. 

How does one perform stand-up comedy in the age of the Covid-19 Pandemic? Nour figured it out.

I don't always spend hours on my phone but when I do, I am scrolling through these profiles and chuckling the day away. This sounds very creepy and I know that but hey! Social media makes me feel like I am best friends with people I hardly know and to me that is modern love. 


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